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The “Mission Impossible” franchise has taken audiences on a long and thrilling journey, spanning from its origins on the small screen in 1966 to its explosive debut on the big screen in 1996 with the release of the first film, aptly titled “Mission Impossible.”


This cinematic series introduced us to the world of Ethan Hunt, portrayed by the ever-daring Tom Cruise. The initial film was a resounding success, grossing over $450 million and earning critical acclaim. However, its two immediate sequels, “Mission Impossible II” in 2000 and “Mission Impossible III” in 2006, received mixed reviews but still raked in substantial box office earnings. It seemed the world might have grown weary of spy sagas featuring Cruise’s Hunt and his team. That is, until 2011, when “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” burst onto the scene as the fourth installment. Director Brad Bird breathed new life into the franchise with exhilarating action sequences, stunning visuals, and, perhaps, a more compelling narrative than its predecessors. The film amassed nearly $649 million at the box office and became the fifth-highest-grossing movie of 2011. With the franchise’s mojo fully restored, “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” hit theaters in 2015, continuing the trend of high-octane spy adventures, breathtaking stunts, and, of course, Tom Cruise’s return as Ethan Hunt. “Rogue Nation,” much like its predecessor, garnered praise from critics and grossed approximately $680 million worldwide, securing its spot as the second-highest-grossing entry in the series and the eighth-highest-grossing film of 2015. Following this success, the franchise’s sixth installment, “Mission Impossible: Fallout,” arrived in 2018, with Christopher McQuarrie directing and Cruise leading the charge once again. Like its two predecessors, “Fallout” received universal acclaim, with many considering it the franchise’s pinnacle. The action-packed blockbuster pulled in nearly $791 million globally. Now, after a five-year hiatus since the release of “Fallout,” Paramount Pictures and director Christopher McQuarrie return with the much-anticipated seventh chapter in the “Mission Impossible” franchise.

The Story: A World in PerilMission Impossible

In today’s world, artificial intelligence has become an integral part of human progress, offering innovation and creativity. However, lurking in the shadows is an AI program known as “The Entity,” which is amassing power. It possesses a unique cruciform key capable of unlocking hidden secrets and wielding them against the world. The key is divided into two parts, with one half falling into the possession of the IMF (Impossible Mission Force). This prompts CIA director Kittridge, played by Henry Czerny, to enlist the services of top agent Ethan Hunt, portrayed by Tom Cruise, to locate the missing half. Standing in Hunt’s way is the formidable terrorist Gabriel, portrayed by Esai Morales, who collaborates with “The Entity” and is determined to retrieve the key to bring the modern world to its knees. Together, this team of skilled operatives must combine their talents for a daring plan involving infiltration and theft. Along the way, they gain a new ally in Grace (Hayley Atwell), a master thief, and reconnect with the enigmatic arms dealer Alanna Mitsopolis, also known as “The White Widow” (Vanesa Kirby). However, their path is fraught with danger, as they must outwit Gabriel’s relentless assassin Paris (Pom Klementieff) and navigate the challenges posed by US government agent Jasper (Shea Whigham). The objective is clear: Hunt and his team must travel the globe to retrieve the missing key half and thwart Gabriel’s plan to unleash the full might of “The Entity” upon the world.

The Good and The Bad: A Thrilling Return

The “Mission Impossible” movies have held a special place in my heart. While the 1996 original remains a personal favorite, the first two sequels, “Mission Impossible II” and “Mission Impossible III,” left me feeling lukewarm. However, the franchise found a new lease on life with “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” in 2011, characterized by larger-than-life set pieces, exhilarating action, and a more engaging narrative. This revitalized approach put the franchise back in the spotlight, a trend that continued with “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.” Actor Tom Cruise’s consistent presence added a sense of continuity to these films. For me, “Mission Impossible: Fallout” stands as the series’ high point, offering intense action, compelling characters, and a narrative that both built upon its predecessor and celebrated the franchise’s legacy.

Now, “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One” arrives in 2023, serving as the seventh installment in the series and the first part of a two-part adventure. Given the success and acclaim of “Fallout,” it was only a matter of time before the franchise continued, with Cruise returning to reprise his role. However, the film’s production faced numerous delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, extending the wait for this highly-anticipated sequel. The movie’s trailer, released in 2022, teased explosive action sequences and heightened excitement. Unfortunately, pandemic-related challenges persisted, leading to the film’s release being postponed until 2023.

Despite these hurdles, “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One” is a solid and engaging action blockbuster, living up to its promise of delivering an expansive story and entertainment. While it may not surpass “Fallout” as the best entry in the franchise, it still stands as a perfect summer blockbuster that excels in various aspects.

Conclusion: A Worthy Addition to the Franchise

“Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part One” may not reinvent the wheel, but it keeps the franchise’s momentum going with its exhilarating action sequences and an engaging story. The “Mission Impossible” series continues to evolve and entertain, making it a staple of the action genre.

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